‘Whilst You Slept…’ (DD)


‘Whilst You Slept…’ Digital Download Album (2015)



The digital download version (mp3) of the album ‘Whilst You Slept…’; a collection of favourite love songs performed and recorded by Charlie Luffrum.


Whilst You Slept… (2015)

  1. You Are So Beautiful   (B Preston, B Fisher)
  2. Heaven   (B Adams, J Vallance)
  3. Sail Away   (D Gray)
  4. Truly   (L Richie)
  5. I Can’t Make You Love Me   (M Reid, A Shamblin)
  6. Just The Way You Are   (B Joel)
  7. English Rose   (P Weller)
  8. Your Song   (E John, B Taupin)
  9. If There’s Any Justice   (M Leeson, P Vale)
  10. Goodbye Again   (J Denver)
  11. Promise Me   (B Craven)
  12. Brown Eyed Girl   (V Morrison)
  13. How Long Will Love You?   (M Scott)